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Johannes WillingerJohannes Willinger

Johannes Willinger

Born in the beautiful city of Heidelberg situated in Baden-Württemberg / Germany in 1990, I was attracted to the drumset at quite an early age - much to my parents´ regret. I cannot remember when exactly I started to drum with all kinds of things on all kinds of things. Finally, my parents showed some understanding and, after breaking dozens of wooden spoons, I was allowed to start playing the drumset at the age of eight.
Within the following years, the number of my “guest performances” with orchestras, big bands, drumset ensembles and my own rock band was increasing. When I turned 15, I finally got into touch with our local music scene. We soon got on the same wave length and, shortly after, we played some gigs together. Knowing and playing with these musicians helped me establish more and more contacts with the music industry, and, thus, things started to take their course. Meanwhile, I have come to be a passionate drummer, cajon player and percussionist in various ensembles travelling throughout Europe, including Germany, Portugal, France and Switzerland.

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Professional Activities

Drummer and percussionist

Why Schlagwerk?

Schlagwerk is an innovative company manufacturing not only good-looking but also brillant sounding instruments. When comparing the great number of cajon makers, one comes to the conclusion that Schlagwerk is still the measure of things.

Favourite Instrument?

I prefer playing the Schlagwerk la Perù Burlwood Cajon with a heck stick and a side kick attached to it.

Musical Style

"Latino Reggae", HipHop und Soul


Cris Cosmo
Rebecca Maas
The Wright Thing

How to mic

Cajon: Audix D6 set up so as to mic up the instrument from the back (optionally complemented by a Beyerdynamic Opus 87)
Booster Boxx Cajon: boundary layer mic Shure Beta 91a
Roland Peil Signature Cajinto: Shure SM57


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