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What is the best way to play the Cajon?

Sitting on the top of the Cajon, you drum your hand on the playing surface. Depending on how and where you beat the Cajon, you can produce different sounds. Near the upper edge of the playing surface the sound of the Cajon is high and crisp, further down it sounds like a bass drum.
If you want to learn how to play the Cajon, we recommend the excellent instructional material for the Cajon.

Is it possible to change the sound of the Cajon?

Yes. The sound can be changed slightly by adjusting the five screws that are placed on the top edge of the playing surface. However, we recommend keeping the original adjustment. The snare sound can be tuned by adjusting the tension device in the floor of the Cajon. The included screw wrench is attached inside the sound hole. Don’t tighten the strings too much! The best snare sound will be achieved with just slightly tightened strings. For more information go to our download area.

Why is the playing surface uneven?

In order to achieve the best possible snare sound, the upper edge of the playing surface is not glued but screwed. The slightly wavy pattern around the screws is deliberate; it also serves to improve the snare sound. For more information go to our download area.

Why is the top surface of the Cajon rough?

A top of the Cajon is equipped with a non-slip coating; therefore the seat is rougher than the surfaces of the side parts. For more information go to our download area.

Can the playing surface of the Cajon be changed or repaired?

Yes. We can replace the playing surface. For this the Cajon must be sent to the factory. Please contact us for further information..


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