Cajon Urban OS

The abbreviation OS in Schlagwerk’s Precise OS and Urban OS cajon ranges is in a class of its own: OS (Open sound and fully Screwed playing surface) is a new, innovative feature in the Schlagwerk cajon universe. The most apparent feature in the OS models is the new, fully screwed playing surface. During development, vibration points were determined and used to find the best positions for the screws so that the innovative screw pattern could be designed. The resulting effect is, on the one hand, an extremely direct snare response. But on the other hand, this special design coupled with the reduced contract surface has created a very open basic sound. Thanks to the convenient design, the additional reinforcing bars on the inner sides boost the strong bass in the OS models without interfering with the sensitivity of the snare response.

There are many reasons for great sound

Innovations you can hear

Anti-slip surface and Cajonpad

for comfortable and safe playing

Used look surface

for an authentic urban feeling

High-quality Gabon playing surface

with structure embossing for assertive play

Fully screwed playing surface

at defined vibration points for extremely quick snare response

Special snare strings

for a sensitive snare response and crisp snare sound

Body made of selected 8-layer birch

for optimum sound projection and stability

Velcro fastened damping elements

for individual adjustment of the buzz behaviour

Tension bar

for adjusting the string tension with integrated tuning key

Image shows: CP5230
Cajon Urban OS Grunge Black

All products within this series:

More features of this series:

  • Anti-slip surface and luxurious leather cajon pad for maximum seating comfort
  • Nicely ground and rounded body edges for optimum haptics and playing comfort
  • Schlagwerk felt feet with rubber coating for perfect absorption and anti-slip properties
  • Hand stamped with quality seal and production date
  • High quality serial badge on back side
  • Schlagwerk logos branded into the sides
  • Made in Gingen/Fils, Germany

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