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"that beats everything""that beats everything"

We will continue to strike the right note in cooperation with our customers, partners and fans in the future.
Many thanks to all of you who remained loyal to us over the passed years and thereby made us your no. 1 in handcrafted drums!
Our timeline shows you the very beginning in the early 80´s on to turbulent times of successful increase leading to our latest product line still affected by our passion for handcraft.

story no. 2 – the anniversersarystory no. 2 – the anniversersary

It all begins in a small garage in placid Giengen on the Brenz located at the Swabian Alb.
Gerhard Priel and Bengt Schumacher start producing log drums, templeblocks and effect percussion under the name of Schlagwerk Klangobjekte GbR. Already in the same year they display the products at the trade fair "sound & music" in Essen.

Soon the garage becomes too small. Schlagwerk Klangobjekte GbR moves to Geislingen on the Steige situated about 60 km away from the original place. Since 1983 the small business continously displayes their products at the renowned music exhibition in Frankfurt.

Trough a visit of the percussionist Freddie Santiago the cajon, a box drum with Peruvian roots is introduced to Schlagwerk for the first time. Nobody has an idea of the upcoming rapid development of the former slave instrument. Only Gerhard Piel realizes its potential and will be proved right.

Year of changes: Gerhard Piel is becoming sole owner of Schlagwerk Klangobjekte GbR. With its "Cajon la Peru" the manufactory creates a signature piece for the modern cajon-sound. Thereby they lay the path for a successful future of the box drum. Furthermore hand-thrown udu drums complement the product line.

Schlagwerk Klangobjekte GbR is transformed into Schlagwerk Percussion. An important step signalizing where the business is heading to. The percussion instruments handmade in Germany are established in music therapy as well as on large concert stages by now.

Riding on a wave of success: the workshop in Geislingen is bursting at the seams. Soon the new perfect place is found: an old wooden spoon factory in Gingen on the Fils offers enough space to further grow.

The cajon success story continues. Thanks to a worldwide fan community the percussion instrument develops into a real bestseller. The sense and passion of Gerhard Priel pays off. The success also increases competition and the cajon is on the verge of its great breakthrough. Schlagwerk is well equipped for this and moves into its new headquarters by the end of the year.

Schlagwerk proudly presents a further step stone in the young history of the cajon: the innovative 2inOne-series represents a competely new snare-cajon sound.

New times, new sounds: series like "La Perú", "2inOne" or "Fineline" (from 2009 on) define individual sounds from traditionally Cuban to modern. In Gingen further increased sales volumes are celebrated. In order to keep up with the record sales, production and stock are expanded. The heart of the handmade percussion instruments remains their premium quality - handmade in Germany.

The beginning of a new era: the series "Cajon Fineline Comfort" premieres at the music exhibition in Frankfurt. The new cajon convinces with smooth curves, percussion platforms made of precious woods and the very own sound of the specially developed snare wires. The introduction of the cajon-add-ons once more prove Schlagwerk´s innovation. Thanks to intensive cooperation with musicians a perfect supply series of heck sticks, flaps, sizzle boards and pedals can be launched.


Grand entrance: Schlagwerk surprises with an entirely new appearance at the music exhibition in Frankfurt. From logo to design- the new brand identity is fresh, modern and confident. It embraces the more and more international focus of the company. The monumental stand at the exhibition impressively demonstrates this. The relaunch also includes Schlagwerk´s website. Self-explanatory videos show the instruments and are complemented by product texts in five different languages.


story no. 1 – the factorystory no. 1 – the factory

It’s a good thing that clocks tick slightly differently at Schlagwerk. Owner Gerhard Priel sets the beat – and sticks to it. Because here, it’s not about minutes or hours but about a passion for percussion instruments crafted by a master hand. Instruments with limitless musical possibilities that reveal the love and superb craftsmanship that goes into their making.
Our most important tools are our hands and our ears. We are driven by our passion and the urge to produce perfect hand-made instruments. That’s what has made us unique for 30 years. And proud, too – because real craftsmanship such as ours has become a rarity. That’s why we have made it our mission to preserve this tradition and to continue surprising and convincing you with quality and innovation made in Germany.


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