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Percussion handmade in Germany.Percussion handmade in Germany.

No instrument in the world is played more intensively by hand than a percussion instrument. It is this idea that has set the rhythm for our manufacturing. We build cajons, cajintos, yambus, log drums and other percussion instruments for people with passion in their hearts and rhythm in their blood, for professional musicians all over the world and, to a certain extent, for posterity. In other words, Schlagwerk instruments keep the promise of our craft: to provide masterly manufacturing quality and excellent sound that lasts for many, many years. This is what has made us a role model for 30 years now. We are also proud of the number of friendships that we have developed with musicians and music therapists from all over the world. Hand in hand with them, we have created a range of instruments and accessories that is unique in the world of percussion. Just as unique as each one of our instruments


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