Do you have any questions? We have the answers - and many helpful tips and tricks around Schlagwerk instruments.

Where are Schlagwerk instruments made?

All instruments made of wood, Frame Drums, Udu Drums, Chimes and Wah-Wah-Tubes are manufactured exclusively in Germany at our headquarters in Gingen/Fils. Schlagwerk Cymbals are manufactured in Turkey. All products from foreign production are subject to the same quality requirements that we require for our own production.

Can I buy instruments directly from Schlagwerk?

Our instruments from the regular program are available at music stores. You can find a current overview in our find dealer section. In our small online shop we also offer special models, b-goods, spare parts and merchandise.

Is there a public Showroom?

We don't have a public showroom. To test the instruments we refer you to our specialist dealers, who often have a large selection of our instruments in their showrooms available.

Repairs and spare parts

Of course we repair defective Schlagwerk instruments, which are subject to warranty within the legal warranty period free of charge. In all cases outside the warranty period we will contact you with a cost estimate.

For most repairs, the damaged instrument must be returned to us:

Schlagwerk GmbH
Brueckenstr. 10
73333 Gingen

You can find all available spare parts for your own repairs in our online shop.

For repair requests outside Germany please contact us in advance at info@schlagwerk.com.

CITES und Nachhaltigkeit

Since 2017, the International Convention for the Protection of Endangered Plants and Animals has been in force with the aim of protecting and conserving endangered species that would be subject to this danger without trade controls.

Further information: https://www.cites.org

Schlagwerk attaches great importance to sustainability in the handling of raw materials. In our product range there is no instrument which is built with endangered wood species.

Endorsement requests

We love artists who rely on our instruments and also use them. This is exactly what we want to achieve and support artists. Schlagwerk is an instrument manufacturer and not a promotion agency. Therefore a Schlagwerk Artist is an endorser because he stands behind the instruments, appreciates our quality and shares our values.

For any endorsement requests please write an e-mail to info@schlagwerk.com

Support contact

You can always contact our team with any questions you may have. Just write an e-mail to info@schlagwerk.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Which Cajon is right for me?

We have developed various different Cajon series to meet the most diverse requirements. Our Cajonfinder will help you find the right instrument for you.

Where are the differences between the Cajon series?

Many differences in Cajons are not necessarily visible from the outside. Therefore we provide an overview of all features and differences of the individual series, which you can download here.

Can the sound of the Cajon be adjusted?

With the five screws at the upper edge of the playing surface the sound can be finely adjusted. However, we recommend that you keep the factory setting as far as possible.

A Cajon with string technique offers the possibility to change the tension and thus the snare response by using the two Allen screws on the bottom of the Cajon. The supplied Allen key is located inside the sound hole. We do not recommend to tighten the screws too tightly. The best snare sound is achieved with only slightly tensioned strings. If there are humming noises while playing, the strings are already too tight (loosen a bit).

Each Schlagwerk Cajon comes with either our "info & more" or a series-specific info sheet. There you will find further information on how to adjust the sound of your Schlagwerk Cajons.

Why is the playing surface uneven?

Every cajon series has its own characteristic sound image. This is achieved, among other things, by the different variants of the playing surface fixation. 
With partially or completely screwed playing surfaces, it has more room to swing. Due to the varying residual stress of the playing surface, slight undulation can occur in the area of the screw connection. A little protrusion of the corners of the playing surface is also possible.

What is SC6?

SC6 is a highclass compound material which we specially invented for the playing surfaces of our Cajons.
It consits of a high quality wooden substrate, a technical backside and well sorted wood or wood design veneers on the front side.

What is the meaning of SPL?

SPL is the abbreviation for sonic projection lignum and stands for wood with very good sound projection. SPL belongs to the family of the chipboards. Due to its higher density, this fibreboard has a different vibration behaviour than, for example, birch plywood, and with it a stronger sound projection is produced in the interior of the Cajon. This supports the snare response of the Cajon and also the bass volume.

Is there any special care for cajons?

Basically you don't have to do anything else to care for your Cajon. A treatment of the surfaces with care products or oils is not necessary.

Can Schlagwerk add-ons be used with any Cajon?

Most add-ons can be used with almost any Cajon without any problems. Single add ons like the Cajon Pedal CAP100 or the Ergo-Adapter ECA70 are adapted to the dimensions of our Cajon models.

Can the velcro strips used to attach add-ons be removed from the surface again?

The best way to remove the velcro strips is to warm them up slightly with a hair dryer and then carefully remove the velcro strips in the direction of the wood fibres.

Is it possible to adjust the tension of the Cajon pedal CAP100? 

The tension of the Cajon pedal CAP100 can be adjusted with the knurled screw intended for this purpose.

Is it possible to mount the Heck Stick (HECK75, SET75) on both sides of the Cajon?

The Heck Stick (HECK75, SET75) is designed for mounting on both sides of the Cajon.  The height of the Heck Stick can also be varied using the supplied Allen key. So the Heck Stick can also be used for medium size Cajon models, or it can be played approx. 5 cm below the Cajon playing edge.

Where are Schlagwerk Cymbals manufactured?

Our cymbals are handmade in Turkey and are subject to our strict quality and sound requirements.

Can I clean Cymbals?

Various cymbal manufacturers have special cleaning products in their range, which can also be used for our cymbals without any problems.

Frame Drum tuning

The tuning of a drum can change due to external circumstances such as temperature or humidity. You can change the tuning of a frame drum with the tuning screws built into the frame. As the tension on the skin increases, the drum's pitch increases. It is important that you adjust the screws evenly and only in small steps.

Before each longer break (e.g. several days) we recommend to loosen the skin slightly.

Is it possible to repair the skin of a frame drum?

In most cases the skin can be replaced without problems in our workshop. The damaged instrument must be returned to us:


Schlagwerk GmbH
Brueckenstr. 10
73333 Gingen

For repair requests outside Germany please contact us in advance at info@schlagwerk.com.

Frame Drum care

Our frame drums are surface-treated from delivery, so no further care treatment is necessary here.

Does the SamJam leave any traces or residue on the guitar surface?

Special, solvent-free adhesive pads are used to attach the SamJam to the body, which can be removed from the surface without leaving any residue.

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How tall are you?

Of course you can play on any Cajon, but the most comfortable instrument is the one that fits your height.

My height:

Which music styles does your heart beat loudest for?

In the versatile Schlagwerk range you will find instruments with the right sound character for every style. (multiple selection possible)

How do you play your instrument?

Schlagwerk Cajons are accentuated in different ways, the spectrum ranges from a delicate, subtle response to strong, powerful sounds.

What are the standards you expect from yourself and your instrument?

For beginners we recommend more simple instruments, advanced players can develop themselves optimally with more advanced Cajons.

Do you want to get more out of your Cajon with add-ons?

The Schlagwerk Cajon Add-Ons expand your sound possibilities: Apply additional sounds or play your Cajon like a drum kit.