BRC06 Cajon Brush #6 Shaker Brush

The Schlagwerk Cajon Shaker Brushes were created in cooperation with American percussionist T.J.Troy. The brushes with their 15.8 mm handle are extremely comfortable and well-balanced in the hand. The nylon bristles produce a warm, rich sound on the cajon. The highlight of the Shaker Brushes, however, lies in the shaker capsules attached to the end of the brushes. Playing with the brushes you create a nice shaker sound that Complements your groove. Alternatively, the brush can be used as a common shaker or even combine it with drum stick techniques while playing in the air which leads to endless possibilities.

  • Length: 40 cm; Ø 1,6 cm (shaft)
  • Pairwise
  • Metal shaker element on handle
  • T.J. Troy Signature
  • Light nylon bristles, medium hard
  • Rubberized protection at the grip edge
  • Also very suitable for the drumset



With the innovative Schlagwerk Brushes you can extend the sound of your Cajon with appealing effects.

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The Schlagwerk sound experts are among the best percussionists in the world. With their sound they have pushed the limits of what is possible and created their unique sound world. And they stand for the sound of Schlagwerk.

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Of course you can play on any Cajon, but the most comfortable instrument is the one that fits your height.

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Schlagwerk Cajons are accentuated in different ways, the spectrum ranges from a delicate, subtle response to strong, powerful sounds.

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For beginners we recommend more simple instruments, advanced players can develop themselves optimally with more advanced Cajons.

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The Schlagwerk Cajon Add-Ons expand your sound possibilities: Apply additional sounds or play your Cajon like a drum kit.