Infinity Gongs

IG136 Infinity Gong Earth

The Infinity Gong vibrates with 136,1 Hz in the earth tone or also in the cosmic fundamental tone the year tone (OM). In the transient phase after the attack is first the fundamental tone with overtone spectrum can be heard. However, the overtones quickly fade away and the fundamental tone fundamental tone dominates and gradually begins to pulsate. A unique experience in meditation, sound or music therapy. The year tone is the vibration of a year, i.e. the time (365.25 days) in which the earth revolves around the sun. The basis of this tone is the orbit of the earth around the sun. The year tone has a special effect on the heart. The year tone OM is the best vibration against everyday stress, to bring the energy back into a healthy flow.

  • Incl. mallet MA106
  • Weight: 5.3 Kgs
  • 136,1 Hz
  • Handpicked aluminum tubes
  • Vibration neutral smoked oak frame
  • Length: 187,5 cm


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