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Cajon Add-OnsCajon Add-Ons

MC40 MultiClap®

Four different MultiClaps – limitless sounds

Schlagwerk MultiClaps  are the multi-purpose add-on for every instrumentalist and bring a percussive touch to nearly every instrument. Detached from a particular instrument, MultiClaps provide a high degree of personality and variety for everyone, from cajon players through to guitarists. 

Four differently-sized MultiClaps, made from carefully-selected wenge wood, will create an infinite variety of sounds. The MultiClaps can be attached to the surface of the instrument simply and effortlessly using the included sticking dots. 

4 sizes
Limitless sounds
Universally positionable
10 extra fastening dots

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Four sizesFour sizes

MultiClap #1: 60 mm
MultiClap #2: 70 mm
MultiClap #3: 80 mm
MultiClap #4: 90 mm

MultiClap® on guitarMultiClap® on guitar

Peter Gergely

YouTube Fingerstyle guitar player Peter Gergely places the MultiClap right below the fingerboard. 

Igor Presnyakov

Igor Presnyakov's favourite position is below the sound hole.

Featured Guitar VideoFeatured Guitar Video


DC300 Cajonito
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Small and sensational – it’s unbelievable how many sound variations this little Cajon alternative offers. One laying surface with Quinto sound, and one with snare sound – not to mention an incredible amount of substance. In addition you have the frames, which, with the right finger technique, produce accented beats. This treasure chest is topped off with a sound-hole which invites a "wah-wah" effect.

DC4002 Cajon Comparsa
Cajon Comparsa
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The front and rear sides of this Cajon are what make it striking and unique – both sides can be used as playing surfaces! Front head (brighter pitch): Quinto sound. Rear head (darker pitch): strong bass. Its compact design makes this model the ideal companion for jamming or for sessions in the park. Three sides are roughened with a

special lacquer for better handling.

SIZ10 Sizzle Board
Sizzle Board
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The multitalent. Whether quiet, loud, in hand, on the leg or on the Cajon. Played by hand or with rods – every time different – every time new. Sizzle Board – it is the practical unplugged groove tool.

CC202 Cajinto Roland Peil Signature
Cajinto Roland Peil
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The playing surface, which is 2/3 rough, has proved ideal for playing with rods and brushes as well as with the typical hand-playing technique. Thanks to its 2inOne-Technique, a wide spectrum of sound can be achieved, ranging from originally Cuban sounds to banging rim - shots when used as a snare.

CC206 Bass Cajinto
Bass Cajinto
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Its construction is very similar to that of its “little sisters” – the only visible difference is the much deeper resonance box which provides for a convincing and rich bass. Thanks to the 2inOne cross-bar, the player of this drum might easily take for granted the magnificent snare sound at his/her disposal. It's also delivered with an ingeniously simple, yet solid wooden stand.

YD442 Yambú Peruano Skinwood black
Yambú Peruano
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The queen of Yambú Drums is indisputably the Peruano. With the new Skinwood playing surfaces, the symbiosis of modern Cajon sound with a conga style of playing is brought to perfection. The wood and skin have the advantage of enabling a rich snare response, an extremely round bass sound combined with crisp slaps, which come into their own on the new Skinwood Peruano. Ideal as a full Cajon substitute for the percussion setup.

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